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President's Corner

One of the benefits of the Society is being able to join field trips to places in and around Saskatoon and beyond, led by SNS members with local knowledge and expertise. This past weekend, thirteen of us went on a trip led by Stan Shadick and Marten Stoffel to Beauval and area. Although we did not see any owls we saw willow ptarmigan and spruce grouse. Marten told us that the poor snow cover resulted in a low abundance of prey for the owls. Thanks to the Nature Society and the Golden Eagle field trips, I have been to places like Beauval and properties I would not have visited on my own. Many of us travel around the world, but have not explored all the areas of Saskatchewan, or even Saskatoon. That is one reason why A Guide to Nature Viewing Sites In and Around Saskatoon is an important publication for the benefit of the residents of Saskatoon area and has been very successful. For those of you wanting to explore beyond the Saskatoon area, consider registering for Nature Saskatchewan's Spring Meet in Coronach, June 8–10. It will be a great opportunity to explore the Big Muddy area of the province. Mark your calendar and watch for more information about registration and programming in our Newsletter, Blue Jay or on Nature Saskatchewan's website.

Through our Kids in Nature grants, we have provided support to students in the Saskatoon area to connect with nature. This year we have asked the grant recipients to provide some feedback to share with you either in the form of images and information for the Newsletter or images for our AGM.

Many of you attended the presentation given by Michael Mesure of FLAP (Fatal Light Attraction Protection) Canada during the 2017 Nature City Festival. A group organized by Jan Shadick has made plans to continue with this initiative in 2018. We will be posting information on our website in the future and will have material available for our display at Gardenscape.

The board of directors of the Saskatoon Nature Society is elected at the March Annual General Meeting. If you would like to serve on the board, please contact the past-president, Marten Stoffel.

Valerie Martz
SNS President

Last updated: 7 February, 2018