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Clark's Crossing Bird Count - 18. December 2010 (20th annual count)

By Michael Williams, count compiler

Count day was overcast with some light snow flurries in the afternoon. Temperatures hovered around -15°C all day and in open areas the wind chill (-26°C) made conditions unpleasant. In spite of this, 24 field participants braved the weather and were able to count a record 6,186 birds representing 31 different species. Birds were concentrated near human habitation (farmsteads, acreages, urban areas, and feeders); few birds were seen in the countryside.

The river was frozen through most of the area, but open water near the sewage treatment plant revealed Canada Geese (36), Common Goldeneye (33), and one lone Common Merganser. Game birds were represented by our provincial bird, the Sharp-tailed Grouse (6, notably scarce in the district this year), and Gray Partridge (71, more abundant than usual).

Two Bald Eagles were observed feeding on carcasses in the countryside. Other raptors included Sharp-shinned Hawk (1), Northern Goshawk (1), Merlin (1), and Rough-legged Hawk (3, a new record high). Four Great Horned Owls were seen, but, unusual for this area, no Snowy Owls.

Woodpeckers were well represented: Downy Woodpecker(20, a new high count), Hairy Woodpecker (11), and one (red-shafted) Northern Flicker.

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