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Pike Lake Christmas Bird Count
January 2, 2001.

by Hilda Noton

A mild and sunny day with little wind made the last Saskatoon area Christmas count a pleasant event. Unfortunately, some back roads were inaccessible due to heavy snow.

Twenty-eight observers, divided into seven groups, discovered 27 species. Unusual sightings: Bald Eagle (1); Northern Goshawk (1); Sharp-shinned Hawk (1); Pileated Woodpecker (2); Mourning Dove (1). Purple Finches (4) were seen in the count period. Michael Williams' team saw a muskrat scuttling in the snow near the river

Other species were counted as follows: Gray Partridge (3); Ruffed Grouse (3); Sharp-tailed Grouse (103); Rock Dove (86); Downy Woodpecker (17); Hairy Woodpecker (22); Northern Flicker, Yellow-shafted (1); Horned Lark (1); Blue Jay (41); Black-billed Magpie (208); American Crow (3); Common Raven (61); Black-capped Chickadee (346); White-breasted Nuthatch (7); American Robin (7); Northern Shrike (3); Bohemian Waxwing (1,039); Snow Bunting (165); Pine Grosbeak (32); Red Crossbill (2); House Sparrow (212). Common Redpolls were down from 1,042 to 35 this year.

Year 2000 total species - 27; total individuals - 2,403. Year 1999 total species - 22; total individuals - 2,456.

We want to thank Marcie Atchison, office manager of the Pike Lake headquarters, for allowing us to use their lunchroom, and to Jason Lessard for clearing the headquarters parking lot. Thanks also to Lois Wooding, who compiled the results.

To Frank Roy, who usually organizes the Pike Lake count and writes this report, we wish you continued progress in your recovery. We hope you will be back on the count next year.

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Last revised: 19. March 2001.