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Board of Directors 2018-2019


Please note: Saskatoon Nature Society web site has a new home at

The web site you are visiting now will be closed down sometime in April of 2019. Update your browser bookmarks as necessary. Thank you.


For more information about our program and activities please contact any Board member, send e-mail to president [at] or write to:

Saskatoon Nature Society
Box 448, RPO University
Saskatoon, SK S7N 4J8

The board of directors meets about once a month, usually in the week before the monthly meeting. If you wish to bring an item to the attention of the board, please contact the president.

    Area code
President Valerie Martz 249-0468 president [at]
Past President Marten Stoffel 230-9291  
Vice President Sara Bryson    
Secretary Kathy Meeres 343-8590  
Treasurer Yvonne Cuttle 374-5228 treasurer [at]
Director Greg Fenty 343-6943 saskatoonnaturekids [at]
Director Alice Hiller    
Director Robert Johanson 653-2610  
Director Stan Shadick 652-5975  
Director Joe Stookey 934-0648  
Director Guy Wapple 249-3280  
Newsletter Editor Kathy Meeres 343-8590  
Web Site Editor Branimir Gjetvaj 220-5703 branimir.g [at]
Facebook Editor Sara Bryson    
Field Trips Stan Shadick 652-5975 trips [at]
Last updated: 8 March, 2019